Quick Paperwork                                                                                               Upon entering our office, we have some brief paperwork for you to complete. The paperwork will provide us with general information about yourself along with your condition.

History and Examination                                                                                        In order to determine what the actual problem is, the chiropractor will ask various questions related to your condition. Next numerous specialized tests including digital foot scan will be performed to determine what causes, which tissues are affected and also what magnitude.

X Rays                                                                                                                     Your specific condition might require us to request x-rays to either eliminate more serious conditions or assist us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you.

Same Day Treatment                                                                                         When finished with the examinatination and all the appropriate studies, you will generally receive your first treatment during this same visit. This may include spinal and extremities adjustments, physical therapies, and/ or soft tissue therapies.

Home Instructions                                                                                              Prior to leaving, you will be given with instructructions on certain activities or procedures to be conducted at home. This could include ice or heat application instructions, avoidance of certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises and/or stretches.

Schedule your next appointment                                                                       You will be given a convenient appointment time for your follow-up visit. Generally speaking, you are seen within 2-3 days and are given a complete overview of findings. Treatment options for your condition will also be dicussed during this time.